Performance & site specific sound object . 2019
Paddlewheel, Serving Trays, Mallets, Wood

Tehran commands an expanded system of water channels all over the city. Most of them ran dry by the time we arrived, but some lead water all year long. Even a few are quite powerful. Roaming our neighbourhood I fortunately found one of them at a street called nirumand, which actually means powerful on farsi. That‘s the origin of my sound object.

Inspired by these small water channels next to the streets, I felt the urge to connect with this, human made but as well natural, energy source. 

During my working process it turned out that I want to use a paddle wheel to collect the energy of the water. After a bit of thinking and imagining some ideas, I found some interesting materials during my [re]search on bazaars. I decided to take these big cheap metal tablets, which are very common here, and use them as a kind of chime. To play them, I want to build an automatically and analogue object. So basically, the artwork is an self playing instrument, which is constructed in the following manner.